Israel Will Lose $175 Million In U.S. Foreign Aid Due To Sequestration Cuts


netanyahu-kerryCuts in foreign aid and direct defense allocations will take effect on Friday if Obama and Congress don’t reach compromise deal.

Israel is set to lose $143 million in foreign aid in 2013 and an additional $32 million in direct military assistance if President Barack Obama and Congress do not work out an agreement to prevent automatic sequestration by Erev Shabbos.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. They should change the title to ‘US will lose $175 Million In Israeli Tefillohs. The Bracha comes from Israel! Foreign Aid Due To Silly Legislation Cuts

  2. This means nothing. It isn’t the 1970’s anymore where the shekel is facing a huge inflation crisis. The Israeli economy is not dependant on American largess for survival.

    This is just more wolf crying from the “Israel-Firsters” in both our community and our government.

  3. If one day, America would just stop giving away money to the whole world, Israel would get a net gain:
    1.More American aid is currently going to Israel’s enemies, than to Israel. Therefore, reducing overall foreign aid budget, would only benefit Israel.
    2.American aid to Israel has to be spent mostly on American weaponry, thereby making Israeli development of some weapon categories unprofitable. If Israel was to develop its own superior fighter jets, and sell them to other countries, competing with American and Russian products in the free market, Israel would gain big.
    3.American aid opens the door for the State Department to meddle in the Israeli politics. If the aid ceased, people of Israel would be more likely to get politicians that actually represent the people’s of Israel interests.


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