Israel: UNRWA Fuels “Fiction” of Palestinian “Right of Return”


unrwaIsraeli envoy Ron Prosor told the UN on Monday: “No one will admit that the real obstacle [to peace] is the so-called “claim to return.'”

The right of return, he said, is actually a euphemism for the destruction of Israel. It would “flood Israel with millions of refugees, and drown the Jewish state by sheer numbers.”

He noted that UNRWA has “perpetuated the [Palestinian refugee] problem instead of solving it,” adding that “85% of UNRWA’s funding comes from North American and Western European countries.”

The Palestinian government doesn’t take responsibility for its people, he said, because UNRWA’s services are already taking care of them.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Israel needs a constitution. Israel is at the heel of demacracy but not the foot. If Israel wants to defend its own right for true better committment to hope, it must challenge its citizens with better privilege. To live without a constitution is not to put favor ahead of stalled survival. Ultimately higher justice must endure and survival will come with innocent aim.

    The palestinian “right to return” can be addressed by limiting chance for future predictions. A hurt democracy can not stand for trial of hate versus obscurity. Right now palestinians can indeed challenge the jewish ideal of changing mediation because for Israel to exist, it must address how liberty is formulated for the very simple dream of every community in its vicinity. Israel’s borders are not exact as a result of the partition and unless you have plans to regulate the entire state of Israel including plans for lands wagered bodily gratuity for the palestinian “settler”, you must abridge the nation to show concern for all activity in all borders of the entire State of David. So, if it were up to me, I would deliniate how one who wants to settle in Israel, both Jew and non-jew must be limited or gratified by the very existence of better planning for every step in the holy land.

    Do this now and the hierarchy of last plan versus firm resolution can be chartered for further Israeli development.

    Without a constitution, the middle east vicinity can still spill the privilege of pain versus higher suffering.

    A victory for Israel will be with the pen and the eye of better living.


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