Israel Raids Jenin After Attacks


idf jeninIsraeli forces and Palestinians exchanged live fire on Sunday morning after Israeli forces stormed Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank during an arrest raid.

Palestinian sources said three Palestinians were arrested during the raid, and 27 were injured in clashes, including four who were injured with live fire. Others of the injured were hit with rubber-coated steel bullets.

An Israeli army spokesperson said there was “an activity” in Jenine refugee camp, where two Palestinian suspects were arrested and a weapon was seized.

The spokesperson added that “a fire was ignited to force a Palestinian out of a building” at one of the homes in the camp after the IDF surrounded the home of a terrorists who refused to turn himself in.

Following the fire, Israeli forces were able to enter the home where explosive devices were confiscated from inside the building.

Israeli forces shelled the home.

The home belonged to a man identified as Qays al-Shaadi. Local sources said al-Shaadi’s brother was detained from inside the home, but that al-Shaadi — the Hamas activist — was not detained.

Al-Shaadi has been wanted by Israeli intelligence for more than two years.

Clashes broke out inside the camp during the raid.

Palestinians threw explosive devices and opened live fire at Israeli forces.

Separately, Israeli troops stormed and raided Jenin city as well as the Jenin district villages of Silat al-Harithiya, Arraba, Yaabad and al-Yamoun. Several house were ransacked during raids.

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