Israel: Palestinians Unwilling to Resume Peace Talks Despite U.S., Israel Push


deputy-foreign-minister-zeev-elkinIsraeli Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin said today that the Palestinians are unwilling to talk peace despite a renewed push by the U.S. and Israel to restart long-stalled negotiations. Instead, Palestinians are opting to pursue a strategy of international recognition alone, he said.

“Israel is ready and willing to resume direct peace talks at any moment, it can be done today, tomorrow, in Jerusalem, in Ramallah, in Rome, anywhere in the world,” Elkin told Israel Radio.

“The world is waiting now for Abu Mazen [Abbas]….Abu Mazen hopes to continue the unilateral track as long as he thinks the international community supports it….Today the world understands more and more that this is where the problem is and is adopting our formula of peace talks without preconditions.”

{Andy Newscenter}


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