Israel Doubtful of Iran Nuke Deal by Deadline


 yuval-steinitzIran is maintaining a “hard line” at talks in Vienna to hammer out a nuclear agreement, and Israeli leaders do not believe world powers will be able to forge a deal by the late July deadline.

“The Iranians came without willingness to compromise, but with a desire to exploit this stage to soften and improve the opening positions of the other side,” Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz told Reuters.

Steinitz, speaking on the second day of what may be the final round of talks in the discussions, led a high-level delegation to Washington on Monday, where he met with Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns and Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

He said his visit shows how important the talks are for Israel, “more even than the serious terrorism from Gaza and the murder of the youths and the problems on the northern border with Lebanon and Syria.”

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  1. It appears the Israeli leaders are as stupid as the United States leaders. Neither leaders can figure out there is blinders over their eyes and all they see is themselves. As the world burns they can’t figure out what is happening, it is only they that they see. They will have to live in the world they helped destroy and then they will not be able to figure what happen again.


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