Israel Demands UN Condemn Gaza Rocket Fire


israeli-ambassador-to-the-un-ron-prosorIsrael called on the UN this week to categorically denounce rockets fired by terrorists in Gaza at Israel’s civilian population after a barrage of rockets slammed into southern Israel.

“Unequivocally condemn the rocket fire,” Israeli envoy to the UN Ron Proser urged in a letter this week to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council.

“The usual statements calling for mutual restraint are not enough. This is not a matter of two sides, but one side and one side only that continues to repeatedly impose terror on innocent civilians.”

“There is no place to equate between a terror group that makes civilians its target and a state that wants to protect its residents….After seven years it’s about time that the Security Council unanimously condemned these attacks, which are not based on any provocation from Israel.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. its been more than 7 years. maybe the UN should draw up some red lines for them to cross while they are at it and then do nothing about it when they do

  2. Wishful thinking!
    But if some rouge Israelo soldies shoots one rubber warning bullet, Monkey Boon will awaken in middle of the night, call an emergency session of the Security Council to condem the wanton act of aggression.

  3. THE UNITED NATIONS AGAINST ISRAEL has always shown its true colors when it comes to their “resolutions”. WHO cares what they say or don’t say. They are not worthy of our concern one iota!


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