Israel Bashers Note: Israel Defense Forces Training US Marines


yosef-idfThe narrow streets and tall cement buildings of the world-renowned IDF Urban Warfare Training Center echoed with shouts in flawless English last week as U.S. Marine Corps soldiers delved into another close-quarters-battle drill. As part of the cooperation between IDF ground forces and the U.S. Marine Corps force stationed in Europe, a company of U.S. Marines came to Israel for a month of intensive training alongside IDF soldiers at IDF facilities. Dividing their time between the Adam Base in central Israel and the Tze’elim Base in the south, the soldiers trained in urban warfare, reconnaissance and target shooting.

As they embarked on a training exercise at the UWTC, Platoon Sgt. Robert Hattenbach explained, “We’ve never been to a mock town like that of the IDF.” He noted the facility’s size and unique structure. “It’s important for our soldiers to train in different sites, preparing them for anything,” he said. The Marines were thrilled to train at the city, raving about its realistic feel.

A smoke grenade hit the floor, rapidly secreting thick smoke of a vibrant color used for camouflage against the lurking enemy. Yelling out commands, M4s ready, Marines snuck from building to building, clearing out every room and securing their objective. The success of the operation is determined by the captain, and the “enemy” is a squad of the Marines platoon, hiding inside each multiple story building, waiting for the other squads to find them. “By training here, we can better combat terrorism in any area and field,” Hospital Corpsman HM1 Raymond Price elaborated. “Coming to Israel has been an inspirational trip. It’s beautiful to see how Israel has managed to preserve so many years of history, culture and tradition.”

“This trip was a serious wake up call,” said Sgt. Hattenbach. “The instructors at the Adam Base took the time to explain to us what’s been going on in Israel and we realized that Israeli people are just like us. We now better understand what Israel really is and when we go back to the U.S. we can tell people that.”

During earlier exercises that involved IDF forces, the U.S. Marines were impressed by their Israeli counterparts. “The tactics used by the snipers and special forces are much more efficient,” said Cpl. Lombard. “They also focus more on the safety of each individual soldier rather than the mission.”

The company is one of the only young Marines units; all at around 19 years old, they are close in age to IDF soldiers and were able to form close bonds. However, unlike IDF soldiers, the Marines volunteered to enlist. “We have a responsibility for our country,” the Marines said, “You can’t just sit at home hearing of everything going on in the world and remain idle.”

This particular company, the Marine Corps Fast Team Security Forces, enlisted for five years, three of which they spend deployed to Europe or Africa. After further infantry training, they are sent to battle fronts in either Iraq or Afghanistan.Before departing Israel, the company will go for a well-deserved rest at the Dead Sea.

{Rotem Eliav, Israel}


  1. Boy, would I like to see more US soldiers train in Israel. These guys can share the reality of what it is to live in Israel, to be a soldier in the IDF, and maybe, just maybe, an American or two will change their opinion about Israel.

  2. IDF and US Marines Rock! But since they have to fight a “compassionate war” against vicious animals, what good is the training?

  3. The US Military gets it. The US administration doesn’t.

    I’ve never met a US Military person (from private to general) who doesn’t understand Israel’s situation and position.

  4. Iron Head…. I don’t know that he needs chizuk. It seems like he was just excited with his story. Being a Jewish American, I think it’s about time that Marines learned from the best, so it excited me as well.

    They should learn the strength of the Jewish IDF members and of the Jewish people, and it should manifest itself not only on the battlefield, but spiritually.

    I know the bulk of IDF aren’t religious, neither are Marines. Wishful thinking on my part to want them to get that from Yidden defending E”Y.

    Hashem should protect them all.

  5. #5,

    You are wrong. The Obama Administration fully understands what is going on and that is why it has increased military cooperation with Israel to an unprecedented level. No other President has gone so far.

  6. #8, I would like to agree with you other than all the other presidents have done the same things to Israel: used her as an ally by getting a lot more support than ever giving back, threatening loans while every single arab country and the palestinians are financially supported by the US, and watching the US intervene all over the world in heaven forsaken countries while Israel stands by fighting for it’s life with one hand tied behind it’s back, at the insistence of America. All the presidents were about the about the same…


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