Israel Asks Russia to Stop Supply of S-300 Missiles to Syria


putin-netanyahuRussia’s concern that the U.S. and the West are approaching a military intervention in the Syrian civil war is the reason Moscow pulled out its most effective pressure card – the intent to deliver S-300 missiles to Assad’s army. Israel has turned to the highest ranks in Russia and the U.S. in order to stop their supply to Syria. The S-300 system is made to intercept aircraft at ranges of over 100 km. (60 miles). A few years ago, when it was discovered that Russia was about to supply these missiles to Syria, Israel and the U.S. turned to the Kremlin, which suspended the deal.

Russia had also signed a deal with Iran for supplying these missiles, and Iranian operators have already trained in their use in Russia. However, following Putin’s visit to Israel and as a result of direct U.S. pressure, this deal was also suspended, yet not canceled altogether.

Israel made clear to the Russians that having these anti-aircraft missile systems in Syria would neutralize Israel’s ability to defend itself since the system would be capable of hitting aircraft not only above Lebanon and Syria, but also immediately when they take off in Israel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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