Israel Approves 300 Extra Security Guards For Public Transport After Bus Attack


eggedAfter two Palestinian terrorists boarded a bus in Jerusalem and killed two Israelis in just one of Tuesday’s terror attacks in Israel, the Israeli security cabinet announced that 300 additional security guards will be recruited for public transportation in the capital city.

Other measures approved by Israel following Tuesday’s deadly terror attacks include the demolition of Palestinians terrorists’ homes, the confiscation of property of terrorists who perpetrate attacks, the revoking of permanent residency rights of terrorists, the expansion of the operational force of the Israel Police, and the deployment of IDF units to reinforce the Israel Police in cities and along roads.

Additionally, according to the Prime Minister’s Office, “The IDF will be instructed to deploy units in sensitive areas along the security fence in the immediate term. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directed that staff work be done on completing the security fence including in the southern Hebron Hills area.


{ Israel}


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