Israel’s Shavuos Cheese Supply Threatened By Tnuva Labor Dispute


cheesecakeThe Israeli dairy firm Tnuva, which just sold a majority share of its company to the Chinese government-owned Bright Food Group, is dealing with a labor dispute that could impact the supply of cheese in Israel for Shavuos.

Tnuva workers committee chairman Achiav Simhi cited a dispute over employee compensation in the wake of the sale to Bright as the reason for a delay in the delivery of white cheeses to Tnuva’s warehouses and the distribution of Tnuva’s other products to supermarkets.

The private equity firm Apax Partners will make a tax-free 3.8 billion shekels on the sale, and workers are demanding at least the same compensation they received when Apax had acquired control. Workers had received an average bonus of five monthly salaries-about 100 million shekels overall.

“We’ll slightly disrupt work. We’ll load trucks by the book, rather than by usual practice,” Simhi told Globes.

“Grocery stores have enough white cheese, but I assume that shortages will emerge in a day or two. We’re talking about all types and all sizes of containers that are produced for Shavuot,” he said.

Shavuos begins next Tuesday night.




  1. This is terrible terrible news! How can Kllal Yisroel ever survive without cheese cake on Shavuos?! We must pour out our hearts to Shomayim this Yom Kippur Koton! Forcing Yeshiva Bachurim to close their Gemorahs & go to the Army is one thing, but not to have cheese cake on Yom Tov is tragic beyond words! What are the Mekubalim saying about this?

    All kidding aside,

    Just like Lulavim before Sukkos & wheat before Pesach, this is just another scam to raise prices and gouge the gullible public right before Shavuos! When will you sheeple ever learn?!

  2. The dairy is run by fools, for wait until the Chinese make suggestion about how to make the products better to make more money. The Chinese took over some dog food places in the USA and we had dogs sick or dying. Wait they think things are bad now, try to negotiate paid raises and compensations with the Chinese.

  3. The Chinese are not run by Torah; sooner or later their profit yen will overcome them and they will pressure the kashrut staff (if any are left) to the point that we will have to quit Tnuva products. Sooner rather than later.


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