Islamic State Forces Syrian Christians To Sign Contract Under Threat Of Death


ISLAMIC STATEThe Islamic State terror group published photos of the terror group forcing Syrian Christians to sign a dhimmi (non-Muslim) contract that forces the Christians to pay a “jizya” tax and severely curtails their freedom to practice their faith under the threat of death.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which obtained and translated the photos and contract text, the Christians signed an 11-article contract that requires them to “pay the jizya poll tax, abide by Islamic rules, and refrain from certain activities.”

Some of these stipulations include Christians being forbidden to build churches, perform religious rituals or show a cross in public, and drink alcohol in public. Additionally, they must respect Muslims and not criticize Islam. The terror group said that if Christians violate any of these rules, they will be “treated as a combatant.”

The contract said that “wealthy Christians must pay an annual jizya of four gold dinars; middle-class Christians must pay two gold dinars, and the poor must pay one.”

Last month, Islamic State took control of the Christian village of al-Qaryatain in central Syria, where the terror group bulldozed the ancient Mar Elian monastery and took more than 100 Christians hostage.


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  1. A Soviet joke.

    Moscow Radio has an anonymous announcement about Sicilian Communists (there are hardly any) sending a shipment of oranges, which will be distributed the following day. The line starts immediately and keeps growing throughout the night.

    At 7am the booth opens and a soldier says “Comrades! Unfortunately the shipment is smaller than expected. We regret there will be no oranges available for the ethnic minorities.” And disappears into the booth. All Yidden in line leave.

    At 12am it opens again and a soldier says the same thing, stating only members of the Communist Party will receive oranges. People walk away disappointed, and the line thins.

    At 4pm it is stated that among Russian and members of the Party, only ladies, children and the elderly will. The line is now much shorter.

    At 8pm is announced that only senior members of the party are entitled.

    At midnight it is announced that only those who have been members of the party since before the Revolution will receive oranges. There are now only half a dozen people freezing in the cold, they are old, frail and crippled.

    At 4am the Red Square is almost empty, the old men are shivering, lo and behold two soldiers and an officer open the booth and invite them in. The latter speaks. “Comrades, you are trustworthy and we will tell you the truth. Some idiot made the announcement on Moscow Radio and we had to handle it somehow. Indeed oranges were sent, but they were only 2Kg (about 5lbs); and some crooks at the customs must have stolen them all; to us in Moscow they sent this empty box only.”

    The old men limp away in silence. Then one of them says “As always! The Jews always get preferential treatment.”


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