IRS To Rewrite Nonprofit Rules Amid Criticism


irsThe IRS will rewrite, without holding a public hearing, a proposed rule on the political activities of nonprofit groups, regulations that stemmed from the tea party controversy that rocked the agency last summer.

The IRS said it will start writing a revised regulation amid criticism from both the left and especially the right on the proposal to tighten rules governing the tax-exempt status of so-called social welfare organizations.

“Given the diversity of views expressed and the volume of substantive input, we have concluded that it would be more efficient and useful to hold a public hearing after we publish the revised proposed regulation,” said an IRS statement to reporters Thursday.

The agency says the rule will keep many elements from the original proposal but will take the record number of comments into consideration for a new version. Some 150,000 written comments poured in, a record for Treasury.

Read more at POLITICO.

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  1. The problem is political action groups illegally masquerading as social welfare organizations. This is a problem on both the Left and the Right. It is high time this ruse was stopped.


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