Iranian Cleric: ‘Most Sorcerers Are Jews’


iranian-cleric-and-tehran-university-professor-valiollah-naghipourfarIranian cleric and Tehran University professor Valiollah Naghipourfar said that “most sorcerers are Jews” in a recent segment on Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

In the broadcast, Naghipourfar speaks at length about Jinns, evil mythical creatures in Islamic mythology also prevalent in Iranian culture and considered to be employed at times by sorcerers in order to torment human beings in various ways.

In that context, Naghipourfar states that “the Jew is very practiced in sorcery. Indeed, most sorcerers are Jews.”

An editorial by IranWire criticized the broadcast, stating, “That such base prejudice and folk anti-Semitism could be peddled on state television is especially painful given Iran’s long history of religious tolerance among sects. Jewish Iranians arguably have fared better in Iran, and felt themselves more Iranian, than the region’s Arab Jews, who have largely abandoned their home countries and emigrated to Israel or the West.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. Shameful community. This is not a combined hope for a better just future. Just a monster who wants to kill someone. Let him die in his own lost value and maybe there will be a future where the “sorcerer” is not seen by him since he will be gone. Never Again.

  2. to my good buddy,anonymous:the predictability of the lack of consonance in your repeated writings indicates a mind that craves contact with a semblance of human thought but struggles valiantly to express coherently fathomable ideas.veering back and forth between nouns that must strain in vain to reach a concensus of common language, the effect is breathtaking in its cacophonous echo, similar to a dimly lit lamp surging through a violent flow of murky water on a balmy day in a jungle of unintended relapses.

  3. Are you just a troll out to attack those who might outshine you in conditioned speech? I wonder. I have seen 3 posts by you today, you have no identity, you seem to indicate you are tracking those who make the comment you want to destroy and you want to blame the educated for your own last voice. Your interests are not seemingly friendly or innocently designed. Perhaps you are not well or you are not living well either. Either way. Torah is more important than your mood that is not in touch with your feelings of trust in G-d.

    Good luck. I will continue to be amused if you continue to harass my comments and friendship with Matzav who has been very kind to let me have a place to keep a forum for interests of Jewish and Torah life.

  4. I am struggling to understand why we need to hear these rantings from one idiot after the other in that part of the world. Halocho eisov sone leyaakov and thats that.

  5. Nothing new here.

    Haman HaRasha said the same thing about Moshe Rabbeinu, Yehoshua, and the Beit Hamikdash (Esther Rabba 7:13).


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