Iran Nuclear Deal Prompts Israel To Redeploy Iron Dome Along Northern Border


iron-domeIsrael Defense Forces Col. Yoni Saada Marom, commander of Israel’s Active Defense Air Wing, said the Jewish state has redeployed the Iron Dome missile defense system to northern Israel amid fears that the Hezbollah terror group could get an infusion of cash from Iran following the recently reached nuclear deal.

“Now we are dealing with the challenges and scenarios that we think the enemies from the north will bring. One of the scenarios could be that, like Hamas, they (Hezbollah) will try and challenge us with a variety of threats simultaneously—which is a great challenge—but we are developing our concepts of operation,” Marom said, Fox News reported.

Israeli officials believe that Hezbollah may have up to 100,000 rockets in its arsenal, with several thousand capable of hitting Tel Aviv and even hundreds that can strike the entire country.

The move also comes after suspected Israeli strikes on two separate terror targets in Syria earlier this week—reportedly major figures in Hezbollah and a pro-Syrian Palestinian terror group.

According to Marom, more Iron Dome batteries are operational now than during last summer’s Gaza war, and more Israeli soldiers have been trained to operate the system.

“As a military commander I cannot deal with their (Hezbollah’s) intentions,” Marom said. “They can do whatever they choose to do, and I, as a defender, need to be ready for that.”


{ Israel}


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