iPhone6S Costs 45% More in Israel


IPHONE6The latest version of Apple’s iPhone went on sale in Israel on Wednesday night.

Apple’s new iPhone6S and iPhone6S Plus models are set to go on sale at midnight in Israeli stores and through mobile operators, and local consumers, as every fall when the new iPhone version is available, will be rushing out to buy it, even though prices are up to 45% more expensive than abroad. 10,000 Israelis are expected to have bought the new iPhone by tomorrow morning.

Israelis will pay between NIS 4,150 and NIS 4,500 for the 64 giga iPhone6S, which costs NIS 3,100 in the US, NIS 3,150 in Hong Kong and NIS 3,650 in the UK. Even though VAT fell from 18% to 17% at the start of October, the main reason for the higher price in Israel is taxation.

The only major country where the iPhone 6S is more expensive than Israel is Turkey, where the phone retails for NIS 4,590. Buyers bringing in a phone from abroad are required to pay customs tax at Ben Gurion airport, which cancels out any possible savings.

Last fall, the new iPhone 6 sold for NIS 3,680 in Israel and today the price has risen to NIS 3,740. At Orange last year’s iPhone costs NIS 3,890 today, up from NIS 3,800 last year. This has not stopped Israeli consumers from buying the phone in droves.

The iPhone 6S offers users several technological innovations including a 3D touch technology screen, a new processor and improved camera.

Most stores and operators in Israel offer a handsome trade-in price of between NIS 1,000-2,000 when buying a new phone and handing back an old phone.


{Matzav.com Israel}


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