Investor’s Business Daily: Bibi Vs. Ahmadinejad Like Churchill Vs. Hitler


ahmanetanInvestor’s Business Daily has portrayed the recent Israeli elections as a historic decision that could save the civilized world. “The global stage is set for a confrontation reminiscent of Churchill vs. Hitler and Reagan vs. Gorbachev,” the paper declared in a weekend editorial. “How long will [Binyamin] Netanyahu tolerate an Iranian nuclear threat before acting?” The editorial notes that while . President Barack Obama believes Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can be engaged diplomatically, “whatever grand Barack/Mahmoud summits lie ahead may have just been dealt a pre-emptive strike, courtesy of the Israeli electorate.”The paper says that Netanyahu “used his first statement as prime minister-presumptive to send a powerful message to both Iran and the Obama administration.”

“To the shock of many, he pointedly refused even to mention the Palestinian peace process, which has been going nowhere of late. Nor was there, again clearly deliberately, any reference made to the so-called two-state solution, which those negotiations had been aiming to find.”

“Instead, the man who will soon once again lead the state of Israel spoke of ‘the gravest threat to our existence since the war of independence’ – Tehran’s Islamofascist regime, which for years now has been pursuing a uranium enrichment program it claims to be peaceful, but which even the United Nations diplomats who seek to appease Iran know to be an unprecedented danger to the free world.”

The editorial cites the recent discovery by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran has enriched more uranium than it had admitted to enriching and can now produce a nuclear bomb. “the IAEA doesn’t even know how many centrifuges Iran is manufacturing. And considering the urgency of the Iranian nuclear threat, it is incomprehensible and outrageous that the rest of the world stands for its inspections taking place only once a year,” IBD notes angrily.

“It all spells the deadliest of challenges ahead for the United States and the rest of the civilized governments of the world. It seems, however, that only one leader fully appreciates the threat. Like Churchill, Benjamin Netanyahu is calling on his political rivals to unite in a broad ‘national unity’ coalition government.

“In nullifying the Islamist nuclear threat it should not be only Israel that unites, but all of us,” the paper concludes.

{Yair Israel/INN}


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