India’s UN Ambassador Meets With Holtzberg Family


un-indiaIndian Ambassador to the United Nations, Nirupam Sen, arrived in Brooklyn, NY, last week to offer condolences to the family of Rav Gavriel and Rivky Holtzberg Hy”d, who were murdered in the Nariman Chabad House during the terror attacks in November in Mumbai. The ambassador met with Rav Gavriel’s parents, Rabbi Nachman and Frieda Holtzberg, and their daughter, Nechama Popack. Later, the ambassador met with Chabad leaders at Lubavitch World Headquarters.“The terrorist attacks on Mumbai were a terrible shock for us. However, the best tribute to Chabad, is to build the Chabad House again,” Sen said, adding that the Indian government promised to lend its support to any rebuilding project.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, chairman of Chabad’s educational and social services division, recalled that millions of people worldwide followed the attack  over the course of nearly three days, and responded with an outpouring of love and support that crossed all denominational borders. “It was a tragedy that affected millions who are looking to see us rebound,” he said.

{The Jewish Ledger/ Newscenter}


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