India Police: Pune Bomb Likely Meant for Chabad House


pune-indiaThe bomb that tore through a crowded cafe popular with foreigners today in the city of Pune in western India, killing eight people and wounding 42 near a meditation center, was likely aimed at Jews in the area. Indian intelligence services say that it is highly likely that the bomb was meant for the local Chabad House, several dozen meters from the cafe. It remains unclear whether the coffee shop, a popular tourist spot, was the target for the bombing, because the bomb apparently detonated after a waiter opened a bag left on the premises.

One possibility being investigated is that the bag was meant to be picked up at the cafe and taken to the Chabad House.

“I came running to the bakery after hearing the explosion. I found people lying all over the place,” said Abba More, who lives nearby.

One foreigner was among those killed and another was wounded, he said, adding that their nationalities were not immediately known.

Rabbi Betzalel Kupchik, from Pune Chabad House, told AFP: “Everyone here is okay. We are on the same street. We are some minutes’ walk away. We heard the bomb.”

Rabbi Kopichik told Israel Radio that to the best of his knowledge, no Israelis or Jews were in the bakery at the time of the blast, and that a check of local hospitals had yielded no Israeli or Jewish victims. Most of the Israeli tourists who were staying in the area have been located, he said.

{AP/Agencies/ Newscenter}


  1. Oy vey I hope that all yiden are spared from yishmuels iron fist but if the chabad house is under danger then I would assume halachly its mandatory that extra security precautions be in place let us daven that all yiden should always be safe in every given place and yishmael should go pick on someone else


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