In Wake Of Israeli Teen Kidnappings, New Emergency Alert App Released


idf1In the wake of the kidnapping of three Israeli teens last week, Israel’s largest volunteer emergency service United Hatzalah has released a new emergency alert app.

“Our main mission at United Hatzalah is to get to medical emergencies within two minutes all over the country,” Eli Beer, president and founder of United Hatzalah said. “With the recent kidnappings, we feel obliged to share our knowledge and technology to provide that extra layer of protection for the people of Israel.”

Dubbed “SOS” the app utilizes existing GPS-oriented emergency technology called LifeCompass used by United Hatzalah for medical emergencies.

According to United Hatzalah, when a person uses the app, a call simultaneously goes out to the police and a United Hatzalah dispatch center with the person’s GPS coordinates. The system will also contact any family or friends.


{ Israel}


  1. this is how a yid acts
    when something happens he takes actions to improve himself and the situation to help it not happen again
    yasher koach


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