IDF Soldier Receives Fine for Using His Phone On Shabbos


idfA religious Israeli reserve soldier, who was called up on Shabbos to serve in Operation Pillar of Defense, was fined by his phone company for using his cell phone on Shabbos.

The Israeli phone company Orange offers special discounted cell phone plans to religious soldiers who do not use their phones on Shabbos. Those who sign up for the plan have to pay a pricey penalty for any calls made on Shabbos.

The aforementioned soldier’s unit called him twice to inform him of his destination and he also used his cell phone one time after he arrived at the base to contact his commander for instructions. There were three conversations in total, and each one lasted about a minute.

The soldier was shocked when he received an invoice stating that he was being penalized with a heavy fine for using his phone on Shabbos. When he contacted the company in disbelief, he was told that his discounted phone plan did not permit calls to be made on Shabbos. The soldier explained that he used his phone only for military reasons, but the company still demanded that he pay the fine. After some further back and forth, the company agreed to refund the soldier the fine. It will appear as a credit on his next bill.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Big deal.

    Computer generates an automatic response.

    Soldier then talks to a low-level clerk who does not have the authority to waive the surcharge.

    Soldier is then transferred to a supervisor who does have the authority to waive the surcharge.

    Nothing malicious and nothing wrong.

    Just bureaucracy and technology.

  2. Yeah, it’s their shabbat plan for people who are shomer shabbos. They also base it on non-exact times, so if someone has to use it immediately before or after shabbos they sometimes get fined as well. It happened to a friend of mine.

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