IDF Razes Home of Hamas Terrorist


ziad-awadThe IDF destroyed the home of Hamas terrorist Ziad Awad in the West Bank village of Idna today. Awad – released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit deal – opened fire with an automatic weapon on the car driven by police officer Baruch Mizrachi on Erev Pesach, killing him and wounding two children. Awad stood by the side of the road, near Tarkumia checkpoint, shooting at passing Israeli vehicles. After the killing, Awad told his son that he carried out the shooting because, “according to Islam, anyone who kills a Jew goes to heaven.”

“The destruction of the homes of terrorists is a message of deterrence to terrorists and their partners,” the army said. “There is a price they will pay if they choose to continue with terrorist activities and harming innocent civilians.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Baloney
    I saw the propaganda video, they blew a few holes in it probably rebuilt already
    The get compisated from Saudi
    Same punishment to Hama’s prisoners. No world cup in prison. Tough guy BB


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