IDF Preparing for Third Lebanon War


In the Third Lebanon War, Hezbollah will have 100,000 rockets at its disposal and special forces seeking to capture border towns; the IDF is preparing with advanced interceptors, border barriers, and deep intelligence.

Hizbullah has the ability to launch 100,000 rockets at Israel at a rate of 1,200 a day from batteries hidden in dozens of villages in south Lebanon. It also has plans to take over Israeli towns near the border fence.

A senior Israel air force officer said, “In such a conflict where the home front will be attacked, all restrictions will be lifted. We will not call houses before we attack.”

The IDF is also building a new defensive line. No one who drives along the northern border can ignore the new line of cliffs which are carved out of the hills next to the border communities.

The barriers, ten meters high, are aimed at preventing infiltrations of Hizbullah special forces into Israeli towns.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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