IDF Issues New Gender Rules


The IDF issued new, long overdue rules formulated in consultation with military rabbis which grant religious soldiers the right to request gender-separation in some, but not all situations. The rules do not apply to chareidi bases, where stricter standards are in force.

According to the rules, all soldiers must attend official events even if women are present and even if they sing. This is in accordance with a decision reached in 2011 after religious soldiers tried to boycott such an event and were penalized by their banishment from a paratrooper course. But soldiers may ask to be exempted from recreational and social gatherings if these interfere with their religious principles.

Soldiers may also ask for exemption or transfer from tasks such as guard duty or driving if this results in yichud or a reasonable risk of immodesty. Soldiers must be asked if they object to being trained by someone of opposite gender and have the right to be trained by someone of the same gender if they object. Pools and gyms are to have gender specific hours for religious soldiers.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “The rules do not apply to chareidi bases”

    Charedim ,however ,are incapable of becoming officers unless they abandon “charedi rules”

    Will it be the same here?

  2. The IDF is a bastion of the ASSEs-the Ashkenazi Secular Socialist-Leftist Elites and is NO place for a religious Jew,even 20-25% of dati leumi come out of the IDF secular,the whole climate is anti-religious.


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