Terrorist Arrested In Chevron Hospital Bed, Cousin Killed In Raid


chevron hospitalIDF troops, with assistance from Border Police and the Israel Security Agency, arrested overnight Wednesday a Hamas terrorist who is suspected of involvement in the stabbing attack near Meitzad in Gush Etzion two weeks ago.

Israel Ben Aharon, 58, was stabbed by Azzam Azat Shabadan Shaladla, a 20-year-old resident of Sa’ir.

During the raid, Abdullah Azzam Shalaldeh was shot when soldiers raided the Alahli Hospital in Chevron to arrest his cousin Azzam Izzat Shalaldeh.

According to Palestinian health officials, Abdullah Shalaldeh died from his injuries.

“Abdallah Azzam Shalaldeh, aged 27, was killed by a unit of undercover agents at the Hebron hospital,” said the Palestinian health ministry.

The Israeli military said it could only confirm that he was shot and injured.

The Shin Bet security agency said in a statement that Shalaldeh was shot after attacking soldiers as they tried to arrest his cousin.

The Shin Bet said it raided the hospital with IDF and Border Police troops to arrest Azzam Shalaldeh, 20, after receiving intelligence that he was recovering there after being shot during a stabbing attack on a West Bank road two weeks ago.

The head of the hospital said undercover commandos entered through the front gate, pretending to escort a pregnant woman through the maternity ward in order not to arouse suspicion.

A video was posted to YouTube claiming to show security footage of undercover Israeli troops walking through the hospital while pushing a person in a wheelchair.

According to the Shin Bet, Azzam Shalaldeh is the son of well known Hamas operative.

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