IAF Strikes 10 Targets In Gaza Overnight


iaf-strikeIsrael Air Force jets struck 10 “terror sites” in the central and southern Gaza Strip overnight, the IDF said early Sunday.

The attacks followed escalated rocket barrages on Israeli communities in recent days, including a salvo aimed at Beer Sheva on Shabbos, one rocket of which was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

According to media reports, the Israeli air force targets included weapons caches east of Rafah, three targets in Rafah and at least one in Khan Younis, and several sites throughout the strip used by Hamas.

Palestinian sources reported loud explosions from the strikes.

“Following constant rocket fire at Israeli communities in the south, IAF aircraft targeted 10 terror sites in the central and southern Gaza strip, including concealed rocket launchers and a weapon manufacturing facility,” the IDF’s early Sunday statement read.

Shortly before the airstrikes, two mortar shells fell near Nachal Oz, a kibbutz close to the Gaza border.

Late Shabbos, the IDF reportedly failed in an attempted assassination of a high-level “terror target” in the strip. According to Walla news, Israeli jets fired at an individual in the southern part of the strip who was allegedly responsible for the spike in rocket and mortar attacks on Israel’s southern towns in recent days. The individual was wounded, but not killed.

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  1. Why aren’t ALL the missile sites, weapon manufacturing facilities, and all militant groups targeted NOW? Why so we keep peacemealing this and only after being attacked?


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