Huckabee Pulls Warning to Jews from Website


huckabeeMike Huckabee removed a statement from his website warning Israel and the Jews “not to insult” the friends they have.

The Anti-Defamation League on Monday had scolded the former Arkansas governor and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) for inappropriate use of Holocaust imagery to decry the debt crisis.

Both politicos, likely GOP presidential candidates in 2012, were reported over the weekend to have likened what they said was the U.S. government’s failure to address the debt to doing nothing as the Nazis carried out their genocide.

Huckabee said his comments, made in a speech in Pittsburgh to the National Rifle Association, were misconstrued.

His political action committee website called on the ADL and its director, Abraham Foxman, to apologize and added, according to multiple reports, “Israel and Jewish people need to make friends, not insult the ones they have.”

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  1. Mike is %100 right! Some of our own, are too quick to condemn every little thing someone says that they percieve to be Anti Semetic! It’s time to grow up already! Stop being a bunch of little weany cry babies!

  2. He’s right. Huckabee is a true friend. The ADL went overboard in their condemnation. I am no fan of Holocaust analogies, as nothing can ever be compared to it. However, I don’t think Huckabee’s comment was that controversial.

  3. I like to see when people step into their own mess and you find out what they’re really about. Being innocently unbright is almost like being honest!

  4. I think he wants to be a friend, and is finding out that to be a true friend, you have to understand your friend’s sensitivities, or you will end up hurting him. I don’t think he understands the depths of our feelings about the Holocaust.

  5. I agree with Huckabee. They are like Reb Chaim Soloveichik’s moshol of an exterminator that always kills the pests but is happy when more of them are found so he can get parnasa by eliminating them.

  6. Huckabee can say this (not to insult the friends they have) because he is a true friend. He has visited Israel at least 15 times and if elected President his policies would lead to recognition of Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel,settlement of all of the land of Israel and a return of the Jewish presence to Har Habayis.
    (Not to confuse this guy with the Mashiach. Chazal tell us that Malchus Romi will restore what they have destroyed.)

  7. Comment #2 from Jerry, Comment #3 from Anonymous, Comment #7 from Mendy, and Comment #8 from Chacham, all say it exactly right.

    It is a terrible Chillul HaShem when some of us start nit-picking on every little statement or remark that a non-Jewish official makes. It certainly must be very annoying to them and to countless other people when we claim that this statement or that statement or this remark or that remark was not “sensitive” to “our sensitivities” or was even “anti-semetic.”

  8. (continuation of my previous remark)

    Especially when the official is someone who is extremely supportive of us and greatly helps us in numerous ways — we obviously have to have tremendous HaKores HaTov — to nit-pick on his remarks is very sick.

    And especially, especially when there was nothing that was even wrong with the remark! Mr. Huckabee was obviously not EQUATING the problem of the victims of the Holocaust with the problem of the monetary deficit. Rather, he was just comparing the MECHANICS of the two situations: that just like the government did not properly address Problem “A” (of the victims of the Holocaust), so the government is not properly addressing Problem “B” (of the monetary deficit).

  9. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Emor
    Time: 6:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

    (continuation of my previous remark #10)

    And especially, especially, especially when instead of being in any way anti-Jewish, on the contrary, the remark was really very PRO-Jewish!!

    Mr. Huckabee was mentioning what was a painful aspect of the Second World War. Yes, in the intensive war, the United States, with great tragic loss of countless soldier’s lives, fought countless fierce battles against the vast axis forces. It thus stopped the dangerous German-Italian-Japanese axis advances and led the allies of the Free World to a dramatic brilliant victory over the wicked axis powers. For this, it certainly is enshrined in an extremely honored place in the history of the world.

    However, the US and the other allies did very little action to directly save victims from the instruments of the Nazi genocide. Countless times, Jewish organizations would approach the government with proposals for various rescue projects. Almost always though, the administration officials would respond with (in effect) saying that they were already doing the very best “rescue project”: they were sending their armies to fight and defeat the Nazis. Yes, the very best way to save the victims of the Nazis would be for the allied armies to get in as soon as possible and liberate those territories (and the peoples there) from the grip of the Nazis.

    To conduct humanitarian operations to right now save certain victims would entail DIVERTING a significant amount of desperately needed resources away from the military forces. This would thus slow down the crucial military operations of liberating Europe and would thus be counterproductive!

    To this day, many historians stand by these policies, which they explain: “We must understand that the allied government officials of that time had before them ONE, and ONLY one urgent task — TO WIN THE WAR! Everything else, was just not in the picture!”

  10. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Emor
    Time: 7:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

    (continuation of my previous remark)

    Many other historians though, say that the story was a lot more complicated: that probably almost all of the proposed rescue ideas could have been easily carried out with not interferring at all with any military work.

    For example, there were proposals to bomb the concentration camps (to take out the crempartatoriums, gas chambers, tracks and bridges of railroad lines leading to the camps, etc.). If even just one bomb would have hit and exploded on one of those rail lines, that would have been wonderful. For the damaged tracks would have obviously been unusable, and it would have taken the Germans a good couple of days to get workmen over to that spot to repair the tracks. The result would have thus been a SIGNIFICANT DELAY in the running of the camp trains, which were EVERY DAY dragging tens of thousands of victims to the death machines.

    Furthermore, a number of the camp railroads were also being used by the Germans for some of their MILITARY transports. So knocking out those lines would also be part of the military effort. The government response though, was that the death camps and camp railroads were not in the area where the allies were doing air operations. So to attack those new targets would have required putting together a whole new large fleet of warplanes to fly over to where the camps and their rail lines were. Understandably, this would have been a significant diversion of air power resources needed for military work.

    The real truth though, is that right near the famous major death camp of Auschwitz, there was a large oil refinery. At one point, the allies staged a massive air assault on the facility. Camp survivors relate how, night after night, they actually saw hundreds of US warplanes flying directly above them over to the refinery.


    A number of recent American presidents – including the current President Barack Obama – have openly stated that this was a tragic failing of our effort in the war. [When the previous president, former President George W. Bush, went to Eretz Yisroel for the 60th anniversary of the state, he visited the famous Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. While he was examining a certain set of concentration camp pictures, he brought up this issue (of bombing the concentration camps). He turned to then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and asked her, “Why didn’t Roosevelt want to bomb it? He should have bombed it!”]

  11. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Emor
    Time: 7:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

    (continuation of my previous remark)

    So here, there is the serious problem of the severe national debt and the government refraining from any effective action on it. In discussions about it, former Governor Michael Huckabee and Representative Michele Bachmann mention how the government also refrained from saving victims during the Holocaust. Obviously, they are saying that this refraining from saving victims during the Holocaust was something that was NEGATIVE. They are NOT defending this course of inaction; instead, they are strongly criticizing it and stating that it was a tragic failure. They are stating that during the WWII Holocaust, the US SHOULD have taken direct action to save the victims.

    So Governor Huckabee and Representative Bachmann said something that was in strong support of the victims! Governor Huckabee and Representative Bachmann said something that was really great! They certainly should be given a large medal and a big hearty “THANK YOU” for what they said!

    That instead, the ADL twisted around the intent of their words to be that they were bad and somehow “not sensative” to Jewish feelings, is completely incomprehensable and really, outright sick! Mr. Foxman and the ADL certainly do need to apologize to Governor Huckabee and Representative Bachmann.

  12. Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Emor
    Time: 7:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

    (additional note to my previous remark)

    Now that we have mentioned this terrible story, we need to further point out that it is quite a lot more complicated.

    Our Toras Hashem is called “Toras Chayim,” a “Teaching of Life.” Thus, the fundamental teaching of our Torah is the extreme importance of human life. Therefore, those people who adhered to this Toras Chayim did whatever they possibly could to pull people out of the Nazi blood machine. They were only a few people, though, and the operations that they set up, like the Working Group, Agudas Yisroel, and the Vaad Hatzolah, had very little resources and were thus only able to save very small numbers. 

    The major Jewish organizations, like the American Jewish Congress, the Joint Distribution Committee, the United Jewish Appeal and the Jewish Agency, were well established with numerous official connections, and they had countless millions of dollars in their accounts. However, most of them were completely secular in orientation; they therefore did not see saving the lives of the victims as an absolute crucial priority. Instead, they had other ideas of what they thought would save the Jewish people, mainly the creation of an independent Jewish country. One of the main Zionist leaders thus bluntly stated that having even just one cow in Palestine is more important than (saving) all the Jews of Europe! 

    Many times, the bnei Torah groups, having almost no money of their own, were compelled to ask the large Jewish organizations for help with various rescue projects, several of which involved the possible rescue of millions of Jews. These were proposals which may have well prevented the deaths of millions of Jews. As just elaborated, though, these non-Torah establishments had other priorities over that of saving lives, and so they gave the Torah groups’ projects very little cooperation and almost no financial support. What they did give them was a lot of ridicule and even outright public humiliation. At one point, because of a certain relief project that they did not approve of, they sharply vilified Agudas Yisroel in the Jewish newspapers, and a segment of the American Jewish Congress called the “Joint Boycott Committee” staged an actual picket line demonstration in front of the Agudah office.

    At one point, the bnei Torah groups in the United States organized for a contingent of 400 rabbonim to go to Washington, DC, to impress upon the government the urgent need to rescue Nazi victims. One of their key plans had been to try to meet with the American president himself. Officials informed them that the president was, understandably, extremely busy and could not meet them. Instead, the Vice President went outside – not even in his office, but outside on the steps of the Capitol Building – to see them. (This was really an insult, because in that era, the Vice President was mostly a job on paper, with very little actual work and authority.)

    The real truth is that that afternoon, President Franklin Roosevelt had two full open hours in his schedule. (I actually saw the picture of that page of the President’s calendar in a documentary.) The further truth is that at that very moment when the rabbonim were in Washington requesting a presidential audience, one of the key secular Jewish leaders, Mr. Abba Hillel Silver, was actually inside the White House. Regarding the rabbonim, he told President Roosevelt to simply ignore them. “They represent nobody!” he said.

  13. To: Comment #17 from “Zman detector.”

    A Groisser Yasher Koach for confronting me about this! [As the western coast of North America curves greatly, the different cities along different points of the western coast have very different Zemanim (even though they are all within the Pacific Standard Time Zone).] On this last Erev Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Emor, in the specific location that I am in, the Zman of Sh’kiah was 8:06 PM.

    So yes, I got in these last comments a little bit before the Zman. Maybe that was not correct for me to have done. So again, A Groisser Yasher Koach for confronting me about it.


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