How A Serious Opponent Could Beat Mayor De Blasio In Upcoming Re-Election Bid


NYC Mayor de Blasio could be beatable, says Bradley Tusk, a former Michael Bloomberg campaign manager who is openly pushing for a candidate to challenge de Blasio, the NY Daily News reports.

De Blasio has vulnerabilities, like sky-high homelessness and numerous investigations into his fund-raising, and Tusk’s message around a de Blasio challenge would be “corruption, laziness and incompetence” – and late-morning trips to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park YMCA on work days.

Tusk has formed a group, NYC Deserves Better, to try to unseat de Blasio. Read more at the NY Daily News.




  1. not that i’m in tune with ny politics but considering what just happened in the presidential election, why should this be such a surprise?

  2. anyone who wants this job can beat deBlassio – he’s worthless to New York City – didn’t accomplish anything – just made it worse


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