House Intel Chairman: Not Secure Website


house-intelligence-committee-chairman-mike-rogersThe error-filled Obamacare website is not secure, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says, and he’s worried that there is not a plan to prevent the loss of private information.

“The way the system is designed, it’s not secure,” the Michigan Republican told CNN “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley Sunday. “I’m even more concerned today than I was even last week.”

Rogers said there are different segments of people who control pieces of information from the site, and that’s a problem.

“They say we don’t store information, but they have to store your application at some point,” Rogers said. “And that’s a lot of your very personal information.”

Rogers said that during Thursday’s House hearing concerning the website, “it was very clear to me that they do not have an overarching solid cyber security plan to prevent the loss of private information.”

Another private entity has been called in to help with the site’s security, but “the problem is they may have to redesign the entire system,” he said. Read more at NEWSMAX.

[ Newscenter]


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