Homeland Security To Begin Massive Study On NYC Subway Airflow


Starting Monday, a massive study will begin to examine the airflow through tunnels in the New York subway in case they’re ever targeted in a terror attack, CBS NEWS reports.

If you’re traveling through the subway system this week, you may spot a small device that could play a big role in the war on terror. “This is important information to help local authorities enhance their emergency preparedness for an event that might occur in the subway if there’s a release of biological material or a chemical material,” Dr. Donald Bansleb with Homeland Security said.

In preparing for a potential biological chemical attack, the Department of Homeland Security and New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority will be placing about 200 chemical tracers at dozens of subway stations across the city. As part of a five-day airflow test there will be scheduled releases of a safe, harmless gas from Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, and the Times Square Station. Read more at CBS NEWS.

Andy Heller – Matzav.com


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