Hitler’s Own ‘Mein Kampf’ Copy Going to Auction


Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s copy of “Mein Kampf” – his self-written autobiography and political hopes for Germany which also includes his genocidal plan for Europe’s Jews – will be offered for sale by Maryland auction house Alexander Historical Auctions, www.historyauctioneer.com, on March 17th and 18th, along with over one thousand other World War II historical items.

Hitler’s own copy of his twisted work was captured by members of an American field artillery unit attached to the 45th Infantry Division. At war’s end, these men made their way into Hitler’s Munich apartment searching for war trophies. After this book was discovered, eleven officers signed the first page documenting their find: “From Adolph Hitlers apartment in Munich on May 2 1945.” This rare 1927 edition is bound in red leather and has the title in gold print attached to its spine. It was kept by a soldier’s daughter until only a few years ago.

Other personal items once owned by Hitler and being offered for sale include etched drinking glasses, engraved table silver, books from Hitler’s library at the chancellery in Berlin and documents and photographs signed by Hitler.

Also to be sold will be a historical gathering of German U-boat documents and relics being de-accessed by the non-profit War Museum of New York. Highlights include the personal cased U-boat badge of leading tonnage-destroyer Commander Erich Topp, the personal cased U-Boat Badge with Diamonds of U-boat Commander Friedrich Guggenberger who sank the HMS ARK ROYAL; the naval ensign taken from U-805, the first vessel to surrender in U.S. waters since the War of 1812; and much more.

Items seized from U-249, the first German submarine to surrender directly into the hands of the Allies at war’s end, are also to be offered. They include:

– The document surrendering U-249, signed by Capt. Uwe Kock and his British captor.
– Captain Kock’s engraved Kriegsmarine dagger.
– U-249 captain’s U-boat badge, Iron Cross, cabin plaque, ship model and signal lamp.
– Captured victory pennants.
– Ship’s ward room clock and dive timer.
– Surrender photos and related documents.

Auctioneer Bill Panagopulos stressed that it was important to preserve such items, especially in light of their terrible history. He also mentioned items such as a file on Dutch civilians who turned Jews in for bounty payments and concentration camp letters and documents, also being offered in the sale, as being critically important to history.

Bidding will be available live, by telephone, and at invaluable.com, liveauctioneers.com, and the-saleroom.com.

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