Hillary to PBS: Have to Be a Little Crazy to Run for President


hillary-clinton-glassesHillary Clinton concedes “you have to be a little bit crazy to run for president,” though she admits she’d do exactly that – again – if she decided she wanted to “continue serving.”

In an interview with Gwen Ifill of “PBS NewsHour” that airs Wednesday night, the former first lady and secretary of state laughed at a question about whether she was “insane” to take another run at the White House. Should she run in 2016, it would be her second attempt. She lost to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary.

“Well, you have to be a little bit crazy to run for president, let me just put it like that,” she said, “because you have to be so totally immersed, and so convinced that you can bring something to that office – that your vision about what you can do to help Americans,” she said in a trailer for the program posted on Real Clear Politics.

Clinton admitted she probably put her foot in her mouth when talking about her own and former President Bill Clinton’s wealth. In one interview, she said the couple were “dead broke” after leaving the White House, and in another, she commented that unlike some rich people, she and her husband are not “truly well off.”  The Clintons’ wealth is estimated to be between $100 million and $200 million, The Daily Caller reported.

“I shouldn’t have said the, I think, five or so words that I said,” Clinton told Ifill. “You know, my inartful use of those few words doesn’t change who I am, what I’ve stood for my entire life, what I stand for today. Bill and I have had terrific opportunities, but sadly, it’s not true for so many Americans today,” she said. “The Great Recession hasn’t ended for too many Americans … Families are struggling.

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  1. The only …. and the ONLY thing Bill and Hillary care about is themselves. No matter what she says or does – its a fact.

  2. So dear Hillary thinks she has to be a little crazy to run. I might think I would be a little crazy to vote for the crazy person in a pants suit for a higher office with access to things like nuclear technology. I am not crazy however so I will not be likely to vote for Ms. Clinton even though I am a Democrat. Sorry, this vote is not for sale.

  3. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton says that “The Great Recession hasn’t ended for too many Americans … Families are struggling.” Really?

    Looks like the Obama plan of spending trillions in stimulus, printing money like crazy, Obamacare, and enacting a stiff tax increase last year did not work. Not only that, it has failed miserably.

    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton just put her big foot in her big mouth AGAIN!

    Anybody that would think of voting for a candidate that will basically continue Obama’s reckless spending and tax hikes, continue Obama’s ruinous foreign policy, and run our country like a police state unleashing the IRS and the VA and other agencies as cudgels on the American people ought to think long and hard about it.

    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is “Obama-lite”.

  4. I never liked Hillary. She always came across as disingenuous. She herself said, she was moving to her lovely new home in Chappaqua in order to bake chocolate cookies. What ever happened to that?

  5. Hillary is like the seal on the ocean tariff asking for shrimp from the jews. We are not her salvation and she is not our prissy. Let her eat her own cabbage soup somewhere else. Disgusting era for political necessity.


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