Hilchos Chodesh Nissan – Birkas Ha’ilanos


fruit-treeRosh Chodesh Nissan (tomorrow, Thursday, March 26th) marks the beginning of the season for Birkas Ha’Ilanos – the blessing we recite once a year upon seeing fruit trees in bloom. Men, women and children should make this beracha. The beracha may only be said upon seeing the flower bloom that precedes the growth of the fruit.

In locations where Spring takes place in Elul or Tishrei (e.g. Australia, Argentina, Brazil), [or in a leap year, when trees may begin to bloom in Adar (particularly in Eretz Yisroel)] the beracha may be said in those months.

The text of the beracha is: Boruch atah Hashem Elokeinu melech haolam shelo chisar ba’olamo klum, uvara vo beriyos tovos v’ilanos tovim lehanos bahem b’nei adam.

{Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Brurah 226:1, Kaf Hachaim 226, Moed L’chol Chai 1:6, S’V Har Tzvi 226, Shulchan Hatahor 226, Sdei Chemed Vol. 2, Maareches Berachos pg. 265}

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