Hikind, Shomrim Release Safety Advisory


hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) and the Boro Park Shomrim are asking parents to be more vigilant in protecting their children. In a video message to community families, the Assemblyman was joined by Yanky Daskal and Motty Katz, Boro Park Shomrim Coordinators, in noting that parents may sometimes overlook important safety concerns.

“Thank G-d, we live in an amazing community, where there is great caring and abundant charity and people have genuine concern about one another, but sometimes people feel a little too safe and disregard the potential danger to our most precious commodities-the children,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “We must remember that there are people out there who are dangerous, and drivers who are careless-people need to be aware and very, very careful.”

“I’ve seen people walking and pushing baby carriages into the gutter as they themselves stand on the sidewalk,” said Daskal, who also serves as a liaison to the NYPD 66thPrecinct. “The baby is in the street as they wait for a light to change, but a car can come around the corner and endanger the child!”

“I’ve seen this with my own eyes, too, and warned mothers,” said Katz. “I’ve told people that they can get out of the way when a car comes but a baby can’t.”

“Parents sometimes don’t realize how preoccupied they’ve become, and that’s only increased with the proliferation of cell phones,” added Assemblyman Hikind. “We need to be aware of where are children are.”

The Assemblyman and the leaders of the BP Shomrim advised parents to always keep their eyes on strollers and baby carriages, especially when near traffic; not to talk or text on a phone when pushing strollers, baby carriages across streets; and never to leave children unattended in cars, on the street, or near pools.

The video message can be seen HERE.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. And what about all those unattended baby carriages left outside thirteenth ave stores? Can someone please adress that?

  2. Unfortunately, even though our people love their children to the max, we as a group are not careful about many safety issues regarding children and other issues. We somehow think that someone who is “into” safety isn’t quite Heimish enough. Wake up and start obeying safety rules! They may be inconvenient but they are to our benefit.


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