Hikind Determined to Find Parking Solution For Yeshiva Buses


Brooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who was recently at the forefront of a major accomplishment that saw NYC Sanitation alter garbage schedule pick-ups to help alleviate traffic congestion in Boro Park, announced on Monday that he’s determined to find parking solutions for yeshiva buses in the community.

“I’m as determined as ever to work with bus drivers, including Head of the Yeshiva Bus Drivers Association Isaac Wallner, to identify potential parking locations for the buses,” Assemblyman Hikind said. With more than 400 yeshiva buses servicing thousands of children in Boro Park on a daily basis, unfortunately buses have had no other option but to park on residential streets at night.

“Unfortunately, the people of Boro Park know far too well how frustrating it can be to find parking,” Hikind said. With parking already at a premium, buses parking on our streets at night don’t make matters any better. We can alleviate our parking woes by finding a viable solution for these hundreds of buses.”

Added Hikind, “Nobody thought that we would reach an agreement with Sanitation to modify the garbage collection schedules, but through hard work and perseverance we were able to reach a solution despite being told it was ‘impossible.’ I look forward to exploring every possible outlet to find a solution for these buses and proving that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to fight for it.”

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  1. Im so happy someone is finally talking about this issue Until now I thought this issue was taboo.. There are many parts of boro park where the yeshiva buses take up the entire block. Sometimes not even from their yeshiva. Next he should talk about another taboo issue illegal driveways which by even be a choshen mishpat question.


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