Hidden Cash Craze Coming to NYC


jason-buziThe man who has been anonymously hiding money across California and tweeting clues to the locations says @HiddenCash is coming to New York City.

Jason Buzi, who was recently outed as the mystery donor behind the cash game, said his operation is expanding to several new places this weekend, including Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Buzi said on CNN that there would be one drop in Manhattan and another in Brooklyn. Also this weekend, cash will be hidden in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston and Mexico City, he said.

Buzi, a San Francisco real estate investor and entrepreneur, said the movement began with the idea of just giving away money for fun. He said he has given away between $10,000 to $15,000 so far.

“We’re planning to give away a lot more,” he said.

Paris, London and Madrid are next, he added.

Buzi has nearly half a million Twitter followers on the account where he tweets clues leading to the cash.

The @HiddenCash Twitter account calls it a “social experiment for good” and Buzi insists there’s no profit-based agenda. He says he wants to encourage others to pay it forward.

Read more at NBC NEW YORK.

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  1. This is just a sleazy publicity stunt! And now, he wants others to contribute? This is NOT charity! If he wants to spread “good”, then he should give charity to those that need it! Anyone can “find” the “hidden” cash, even a rich person. This is all a set up, like a “reality” TV show!

    Now what about paying taxes on the find? A private individual would have to pay, just like a State lottery winner.

  2. Just chill. No one is asking anyone to give money, but he is “spreading the wealth”. Yes there would be many better ways to give out free cash, but its his to decide what to do with it. I dont see you giving away any money, so stop complaining.
    And I believe any tax on cash gifts is payable by the doner, only when it is over the annual exclusion (a LOT more than $20).


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