Hesder Official: Chareidim, Religious Zionists Suffer Together


soldiers-chareidimDespite the perception that Religious Zionist institutions were likely to be favored over chareidi institutions due to the composition of the present government, it turns out that the fate of both communities’ institutions are inexorably linked. The budget imposes another major cut for chareidi, Hesder, and Religious Zionist yeshivos – making the problem one of a lack of government support for all Torah learning, said Eitan Ozeri, chairman of the Union of Hesder Yeshivas.

In a letter to MKs and government ministers, Ozeri described the serious budget plights yeshivas already faced, describing the privation many face. Another major cut, such as the one in the proposed budget, could very well put some yeshivas out of business, he wrote. “Media reports indicate that the yeshiva budgets will be cut by another NIS 600 million ($166 million), in addition to a 20% cut made due to the fact that the budget was not approved on time this year. In May, we lost another 20%, so that our current budget is already just 60% of what it should be. Already there are many yeshivas that cannot afford to pay suppliers or salaries,” he wrote.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. The Israeli government is trying to cut its budget in all areas. It’s unclear why all religious Jews consider themselves as being singled out. The budget cuts and tax increases affect all Israelis.

  2. So the religious Zionists are finally waking up to their foolishness of voting for Lapid/Bennett. Time to admit that Charedi Rabbis were right all along.


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