Heartless: Palestinian Parody Video Mocks Kidnapped Israeli Teens


palestinian-kidnapping-parody[Videos below.] Two crudely-produced YouTube videos uploaded by a user named “Paltube” on Sunday mock the kidnapping of three Israeli high school students on June 12.

Israel believes that Hamas terrorists abducted Gilad Shaar, 19, Eyal Yifrach, 16, and Naftali Frankel, 16, from a hitchhiking post in the Gush Etzion bloc of communities south of Jerusalem, leading to the largest manhunt in Israel’s history, which is still ongoing.

In the clips, Palestinians portraying the three Jews are seen waiting at a bus stop somewhere in the West Bank.

The scene then switches to three other Palestinians who are planning the kidnapping. Two of them are wearing black hats, clothes and fake sidecurls to mimic observant Jews, along with a third, who is seen toting a toy rifle.

The two dressed in black portray a religious father and son, who then approach the bus stop. The father berates the son, who suddenly collapses to the ground, inert.

The father runs across the street to call the three “Jews” for assistance, in order to lure them into the trap. The three “Jews” then carry the son to the father’s vehicle where they try to resuscitate the youth by CPR as the “father” calls the gunman to abduct one of the Jews.

The father and son spray the Jews in the face with a liquid that causes them to lose consciousness, and are then stuffed in the vehicle’s trunk.

In the second video, they are displayed, blindfolded by two masked captors, one of whom goads them into chanting “Allah Akbar,” as a declaration of conversion to Islam.
“Israeli soldiers” and a midget in a black hat and fake sidecurls are then shown viewing the abduction clip, with the “religious” Jew fearing to get involved due to the kidnappers’ purported fearsomeness.

The videos have racked up some 35,000 views since they were uploaded, and the comments section appears to be open to leave a talkback.

Watch both videos HERE and HERE.

The Algemeiner Journal

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I guess this video is here to warn us never help an arab,because he might take advantage of our rachamin and chessed and try to kidnap us when we go to help them!

  2. Interesting, that, this video YouTube allows, but one that insults Muslems, they take down immedietely.


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