Harav Koppelman in the United States


yitzchok-dov-koppelmanHarav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman, rosh yeshiva of the Lucerne Yeshiva in Switzerland, is currently in the United States. Rav Koppelman, who is over 100 years old and may be the oldest rosh yeshiva in the world, spent Shabbos in Monsey, NY, to take part in the Shabbos sheva brachos of a daughter of his close talmid, Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger, rov of Shaarei Tefila and noted baal darshan and talmid chochom.

The wedding was held Wednesday night in Monsey. The chupah took place in the courtyard of Rav Schlesinger’s shul on Dolson Road. A private seudah then took place at the nearby Atrium hall, and that was followed by a simchas chosson v’kallah for the public.

The Shabbos sheva brachos were held at the shul. During seudah shlishis, Rav Koppelman, who is one of the last remaining talmidim of Harav Shimon Shkop zt”l, delivered a drasha, with a large crowd gathering to hear the divrei Torah. 

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I was at a Shabbos Hisvaadus with the Rosh Hayeshiva in Stamford CT, about three years ago. Talmidim from three generations were there. It was something to see: some talmidim in their seventies walking with canes, and their Rebbi, over 100 years old walking without a cane! May Hashem give him many more years.

  2. I Was at the chassunah ans at the shul on Shabbos it was just unreal!! R’ Schlesinger should have the zechus to continue to inspire many people for many many years to come!!


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