Hamas Talks Truce Terms, But Israel Balks


hamas1As things stand, the situation now in Israel is as follows: The drizzle of rocket fire continues on the western part of the Negev, following difficulties in the ceasefire negotiations with Hamas, which are being conducted via Egyptians mediators assisted by Jordan and Turkey.

Hamas has presented a series of demands to Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, the main ones being what Hamas refers to as the “lifting the siege” on Gaza, and a commitment from Israel to end target killings in the Strip.

By lifting the blockade, Hamas is trying to get Israel and Egypt to allow the entry of goods into Gaza, as well as open the Rafah crossing to let people from the Strip enter Egypt.

Cairo only allows the opening of the crossing for just a few hours every few days, and is continuing with the destruction of Gaza smuggling tunnels, which hinders the transfer of goods and fuel and endangers the tax money Hamas collects on these products.
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Hamas is also trying to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to fund the transfer of fuel from Israel to the Strip. The fuel shortage leads to power cuts in Gaza and the pollution of Gaza beaches, where drainage pumps are idling due to the lack of electricity. Gazans who are on vacation for Ramadan cannot go to the beach, which is their only possible entertainment in the Strip.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to fund Hamas fuel; Israel is limiting the transfer of building material, causing thousands of Palestinians to lose their jobs; and Hamas is unable to pay the wages of 44,000 civil servants and the Palestinian Authority refuses to transfer money to help finance the salaries.

Hamas is trying to change all of this in such a way as to ease the population’s distress and allow it to present an achievement to its supporters, thereby erasing its image as a failing organization.

An additional issue that concerns the Hamas leadership, not to mention that of Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees and their rocket launching squads, is the IAF targeted attacks. Hamas is particularly upset about IAF hits on its special teams deployed to prevent rocket fire that Israel mistakenly identified as militants launching rockets.

Hamas, and the leaderships of the other organizations in the Strip, have gone underground for fear that Israel is now planning to resume its targeted attacks. Israel refuses to comply with Hamas demands to avoid targeted attacks and ease the blockade, nor is Egypt willing to meet the demands of Hamas and the other rogue organizations now working in coordination with the organization.

This is why the rocket fire continues, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad are careful not to launch heavy barrages of rockets beyond the western Negev communities, thereby avoiding an escalation and triggering a major Israeli military operation.

The drizzle of rockets is meant to show that as long as there is no agreement, Hamas will continue to attack; but the attacks, including those conducted by rogue organizations, are not meant to aggravate the situation and therefore are aimed mainly at open areas.

Hamas wants to get out of this situation with something in hand, and prevent a serious IDF operation in Gaza. Israel also has an interest in calming the situation, which is why the IDF has decided on utmost restraint and is not attacking the Strip despite the continuous rocket fire.


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  1. Hamas Negotiator:
    Please stop bombing us us so that we can continue to shoot rockets and missiles into your land?
    Israeli Negotiator:
    Sure! Gladly!
    Hamas Negotiator to Egypt:
    Please stop closing our smuggling tunnels and please open up the border crossing so that we can continue to wreak havoc onto Israel and you Egyptians!
    Egyptian Negotiator:
    When you are all done with troubling our peoples and focus only on Israel we can talk!
    Hamas Rep. to American Prez:
    Please reign in Israel! They’re not letting us do our thing!
    American Prez:
    Sure thing! I’ll call Bibi right away! They’ll listen to me! I’ll also go to the UN on your behalf!

    AND LIFE (& death Rachmana Litzlan) WILL CONTINUE!
    They will continue to shoot rockets and missiles into Israel unless we wipe them clean off the map! Enough Yiddishe Blut spilled because we serve America’s every wish! Our blood is not free and our kids do not have to worry as they go about their day if a mortar will hit the school or park they’re in! Destroy every rocket while they’re in their land!


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