Hamas Rules Out Recognition of Israel


hassan-youssef-hamasContradicting what PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has been saying, a senior Hamas leader in the West Bank, Hassan Youssef, ruled out any recognition of Israel by the new Palestinian unity government.

Asked during an interview with The Independent whether the new Palestinian government will accept the Quartet’s conditions [recognizing Israel, stopping terrorism and accepting previous agreements], Youssef said: ”Are the Quartet conditions the Quran? Are they the New Testament? These conditions must change because they are unjust and what is needed are conditions that respect the circumstances and choices of the Palestinian people. These conditions are unacceptable to us.”

Youssef said that the PLO made a mistake by recognizing Israel, and he declined to limit resistance to non-violent popular protests.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Thanks Mahmoud. For a while I thought I’ld
    have to believe the mainstream press. You’ve
    restored my lack of faith in them.


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