Hamas Leader: Bless Whoever Kidnapped the Israeli Boys


hamas-leader-khaled-meshalHamas leader Khaled Mashaal, yemach shemo, today denied that his group had any connection to the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, but said he welcomed the abduction.

Speaking with the Al Jazeera network, Mashaal claimed that Hamas had no information regarding the three, but said that if it turns out they were indeed kidnapped, “then blessed be the kidnappers, since it is a Palestinian obligation to release prisoners and make the occupation pay the price of the Palestinian suffering.”

In a direct appeal to the families of the three teenagers, Mashaal accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was responsible for the kidnapping, claiming his “disregard for Palestinian suffering” is the reason for the abduction. “If Netanyahu had listened to the suffering of the (hunger) striking prisoners and had not opposed the national reconciliation agreement, the situation in the Palestinian arena would not have been so serious,” he claimed. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Why don’t they just eliminate this miscreant or, better yet, kidnap him?? They could!
    The problem if they do is that he will get released in some future deal!

  2. Friends, there has never been a tormentor of the Yidden who escaped punishment (unless he became a ger tzeddek). This rasha’s turn is coming. May it be coming very soon!

  3. mashaal Yimach Shemo Vezichro from this world and the next world. those prisoners are murderers they should be in prison. This is real Amalek Yimach Shemam vezichram.


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