Hamas, Islamic Jihad Praise ‘Heroic’ Terror Attack In Judea And Samaria


hamasThe Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad both praised Thursday’s vehicular terror attack in Judea and Samaria as a “heroic act,” while calling for more attacks on Israelis.

After a Palestinian terrorist struck three Israeli hitchhikers with his car near the village of Shiloh in Judea and Samaria, Hamas spokesman Abad Arahim Shadid said, “We praise this heroic terror attack made against the Zionist,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

Shadid added that he considered the attack “an appropriate response to the arrogance of the enemy and its crimes against prisoners, Al-Aqsa mosque, and babies,” referring to the recent firebombing attack by suspected Jewish extremists in the West Bank that resulted in the death of a Palestinian toddler.

Shadid added, “We call upon the members of our people in the West Bank to carry out more terror attacks so that the ‘occupiers’ will learn a lesson.”

Islamic Jihad echoed Hamas, calling Thursday’s car-ramming attack “heroic” and saying it “needs to teach the occupier the price of their terrorism and aggression against babies and against the Palestinian people and its holy places.”


{Matzav.com Israel}



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