Hamas Got Rich as Gaza Was Plunged into Poverty


ismail-haniyehHamas leaders and their associates have benefitted financially from their takeover of Gaza, reports Doron Peskin in Yediot Achronot. In 2010, the Egyptian magazine Rose al-Yusuf reported that former Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh paid $4 million for a parcel of land in Rimal, a beachfront neighborhood of Gaza City.

Since then, there have been reports that Haniyeh has purchased several homes in Gaza, registered in the names of his children. Not long ago Gaza’s market for luxury villas was booming, most purchased by people associated with the Hamas establishment.

Before Sisi came to power in Egypt, Khairat a-Shater, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who headed his own business empire, personally transferred tens of millions in cash to senior administration officials in Gaza as well as to commanders from the Hamas military wing.

{Matzav.com Israel}



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