Half a Million Dollars – Achieved!  


-Communicated- Over 900 Lakewood families were given a tremendous boost this Yom Tov season as Kupas Yom Tov distributed an incredible half a million dollars to yungerleit for their Yom Tov necessities. With just a few days left until chag, Kupas Yom Tov was offered a tantalizing proposal: raise the bar on your campaign and hit a certain milestone number, and a group of generous donors will contribute an additional – significant – sum. The calls went out around Lakewood…the kupah’s team waited with bated breath…and the community did not disappoint. The magnificent new goal – a half a million dollars – was reached, thanks to the incredible community support. As Yom Tov preparations hit their frenzied high, more checks than ever before were given to hundreds of chashuve bnei Torah.

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Kupas Yom Tov has been working to support yungeleit with tzarchei Yom Tov for the past five Yom Tov seasons. Founded as a zechus for the aliyas neshama of R’ Shlomo Zalman Rosengarten, z”l and a young boy, Eli Raitzik, a”h, the overarching goal of Kupas Yom Tov is to provide assistance in a dignified manner for bnei Torah who are able to sustain their families with minimal income throughout the year, but find themselves swamped with too many expenses to manage when Yom Tov comes around. Kupas Yom Tov attributes its astounding success – boosting a growth rate of twenty to thirty percent each season – to the warm and eager community support they receive.

One donor summed up the feelings of most in a post-Yom Tov text to Kupas Yom Tov founders: “Thank you so much for the zechus.”

Donations can be sent to Kupas Yom Tov c/o Horav Malkiel Kotler 521 5th St. Or online at www.kupasyomtov.org or you can call our 24 hour hotline 732-334-0050. To find out about sponsoring a family please call 732-334-0050 ext. 5.

To donate CLICK HERE.

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