Haaretz Reporter Posts Awful News About Boys, Then Pulls Tweet


eyal-gilad-naftali1A reporter from the Haaretz newspaper wrote on Twitter today that the bodies of the kidnapped teens were discovered.

“There are indications that the Israeli army has found the bodies of the 3 kidnapped teens,” Chaim Levinson tweeted.

Levinson then deleted his tweet shortly after posting. A second reported said that a news blackout had been imposed until an official announcement.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera reported that three bodies had been found west of Halhul near Chevron. The Al-Jazeera report claimed that Israeli sources said it was confirmed that the bodies were those of the three missing Israeli teenagers.

The teenagers were kidnapped from Gush Etzion on June 12.

Thus far, no reports have been substantiated beyond the intensified efforts of IDF forces in Chevron, as they conduct heavy sweeps of the area.

Are all asked to continue davening for the boys. May we hear only besuros tovos.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Mah nomar u’mah nedaber. Klal Yisroel paid with 3 korbonos. Do we feel the pain? Will our summer plans of fun continue like nothing happened? Can it? Lets all agree to keep the achdus that Klal Yisroel showed these past weeks continue and that should be a zchus for these bochurim HY”D and their families
    Lets continue davening for the real yeshuah (and c”v not talk during davening or krias haToraah) so we can be zoche to besurois toivos.

  2. lipa 21, burn down Halhul? why?Should we burn down your town if dead bodies were found in your neighborhood?
    Be honest: Are you a bigot?

  3. jahalib, how would u and your friends react if the three boys would’ve been arab? burn down….isreal ch”v! so dont get so excited over the 1 jewish “bigot” u found:{


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