Gunmen Kill 5 in Pittsburgh BBQ Ambush


Police near Pittsburgh are searching for the two gunmen suspected of killing five people and wounding three others in a backyard barbecue massacre Wednesday night.

Allegheny County officials said four women and one man were dead after two shooters opened fire on the party at around 11 p.m., then fled on foot through Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, about 8 miles east of the city. Police said casings were found from two different guns and ballistics showed a second shooter fired from another angle.

Officials said partygoers told them they ran toward the house when the first gunman began firing, but then encountered the second suspect as they reached a back porch. Allegheny County police said two men are in critical condition and one woman is in stable condition. No one was in custody, police added. Read more at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.



  1. Where is Obama/Bl$$mberg to lecture us on gun control and the need to end the 2nd amendment? Or was the skin color of the killers not in line with the MO???


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