Greenhouse Gasses Top 400PPM Threshold


greenhouse gasesGreenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere have surpassed 400 parts per million around much of the planet—crossing a symbolic threshhold that scientists say will have ominous implications for climate change.

According to a World Meteorological Organization report Monday, the concentrations of all of three closely watched heat-trapping gasses—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—showed strong growth this year, and are up 36 percent since 1990.

“We are moving into uncharted territory at a frightening speed,” said WMO Secretary General Michel Jarraud of the findings. Separately, a World Bank report released Sunday warned that if countries fail to sustain policies to reduce the rise of global warming, an additional 100 million people could be driven into poverty by 2030.

The report argues that addressing climate charge will be essential to ending global poverty as poor people are hit the hardest by crop failures, extreme weather, spikes in food prices, and waterborne diseases. Read more at The Washington Post.



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