Gov’t: Budget Cuts Already Causing Airport Delays


ohare-airportU.S. airports, including Los Angeles International and O’Hare International in Chicago, are already experiencing delays in customs waiting lines as a result of automatic federal spending cuts, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday.

Both of those big-city airports routinely suffer security line delays. The Federal Aviation Administration reported Monday there were no significant flight delays in either Los Angeles or Chicago.

Napolitano, who spoke at a Politico-sponsored event on the 10th anniversary of DHS, said delays will become worse. The Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Protection agencies, which are part of the Homeland Security Department, are in the process of issuing furlough notices and have cut overtime for employees.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. Chicago has delays cuz we have a foot of snow today. Chicago always has delays. Nothing to do with budget cuts.

  2. It is too bad this government hates its people so much that they rather hurt the ordinary person than really doing governments cuts, like duplicate departments, unneeded departments,excessive government expeditures, like GSA with million dollar meetings in Los Vegas, etc. There were legal cuts, but know, the government says you want cuts I show you cuts we will do it until it hurts all the little people.


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