Governor to Remove Daughter’s Trailer from State Grounds


oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin trailerOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin said Tuesday her adult daughter’s trailer will be removed from the Governor’s mansion after it was revealed she had been temporarily living on state grounds since April.

Public furor erupted when Fallin admitted that her 28-year-old daughter, Christina, had been living in a trailer home connected to the mansion’s taxpayer-funded utilities.

The governor contends her daughter was not abusing state resources, and that she “would be using that electricity if she lived in the house, or if she got a drink of water out of the faucet, or if she flushed the toilet in the house,” she said.

Gov. Fallin’s spokesperson Alex Weintz said though Fallin’s daughter was not violating state law, the trailer would be removed due to “an administrative rule” that prohibits trailers from state property. Read more at KFOR.

{Andy Newscenter}


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