Gov. Jindal: Muslim Leaders Have Responsibility to Say Terrorists Are ‘Going Straight to Pergatory’



Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) told a gathering in Washington on Thursday that Muslim leaders have a responsibility to say that terrorists are “going straight to h—.”

“Individual Muslim leaders have a responsibility,” said Jindal, “to denounce not just the acts of violence but these individuals, to say they are not going to enjoy a reward in the afterlife, but rather they’re going straight to H— for these awful, barbaric acts they continue to commit–killing school children, killing teenagers who are watching soccer, burning a man alive, killing cartoonists because they don’t like their products.”

Speaking at the American Principles Project (APP) State Lunch, Jindal also said the leaders of the Western world “have a responsibility to insist on assimilation and integration for those that want to come and live in our societies.

“And this used to be fashionable,” Jindal continued. “This used to be common sense to say, for example, that America was the great melting pot. When I was a school child, we proudly proclaimed that.”

“When I was in college there was a move to say we’re no longer the melting pot, we’re the salad bowl,” said Jindal, “and the idea behind that is that it’s somehow culturally arrogant, it’s somehow a colonial attitude, it’s somehow racist to tell people that if you want to come to America, we insist that you come to be Americans.

“To me, it’s nonsensical that we allow people to come into our societies and use the freedoms we give everybody to undermine those very freedoms,” he said.

Jindal, who was raised Hindu but converted to Christianity, noted that the U.S. is a majority Christian nation with a Judeo-Christian heritage.

“Now we happen to be–We are a majority Christian country with a Judeo-Christian heritage, but we do not discriminate against anybody who wants to come and live in our country and follow our laws and adopt our values,” said Jindal.

“What does that means?” he said. “That means we should be unafraid to teach English in our schools. That means we should be unafraid to insist that when people come here, they’re not here to set up their own cultures to overtake ours but rather to become a part of America.”


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